SC35 • Audio Isolation Support Cone

An Innovative Audio Support Cone that offers noticeable improvements in musicality, clarity and dynamics when supporting a wide range of equipment.

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Audiophile Engineering

The SC35 Support Cone, an ultra high performance audio isolation support.

Micro-vibrations exist within most audio equipment. They emanate from the vibratory actions of the internal moving and non-moving parts and, travel along the frame and chassis – being amplified all the way to the speakers, these micro-vibrations diminish the end result: the sound.

Unfortunately for most people these vibrations will be unnoticeable, but for the person looking to extract every nuance from a performance, these micro-vibrations impinge on our audio-sensory pleasures.

The cutting edge design of the SC35 Audio Isolation Support Cone is its truncated cone and separate brass castellated tip, it maximizes placement and flexibility in the control of micro-vibrations by drawing vibrations away from components and placing them into a bespoke proprietary compound where they are dissipated, preventing the castellated tip from being influenced by further vibrations re-entering the component, while the two part specially compounded plastic housing completes the vibration transfer.

The SC35 Audio Isolation Support Cone is an upgrade on standard feet, not by replacing them, but by bypassing them, for seldom have stock feet been designed to reduce the effects that chassis induced vibrations play upon our listening experience.

Audio Vibration Reduction at it’s best. Try a series of SC35 Audio Support Cones in your system under our 21 days return policy, we are sure you will agree.

We reserve the right to alter/amend materials and design as part of our ongoing research.

Technical Specification

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Standard Colour: Black

Optional Colours: Red, White and Blue

Overall Width: 40mm approx
Overall height: 35mm approx

Tip Diameter: 12mm approx

Net Weight: 38 grams approx

Bearing weight: 20Kgs (44.10 lbs) each approx