R33 • Reference Modular Hifi Support Rack

An aesthetically beautiful, reference high quality modular hi-fi rack, designed to reduce vibration and resonance - eliminating unwanted noise, which allows both the equipment and music to reveal their full potential.

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Designing a product to dispel vibrations you cannot see, maybe considered pointless, and with most major magazines unwilling to devote much space to hi-end equipment supports you could be forgiven to think that they are relatively unimportant when compared to your source, amplifier and speakers.

Most people view racks as the means to support their equipment and believe they contribute little to the sonic of a system. On the contrary, it’s ironic that the components within your equipment – the very equipment designed to produce a quality listening experience, resonate to disturb and distort that very experience, so anything we can do to help reduce and control vibrations is good.

  • A Turntable is highly sensitive to vibrations.
  • Valve amplifier vibrations can cause the grid wires to pick up vibration through the tube pins, the microphonic electrodes.
  • Computers, CD players, streamers and DAC are vulnerable to mechanical noise as they all contain vibration sensitive crystals.

Often a products enclosure is designed for appearance, convenience, and at a cost, with very little or no attention given to the issue of vibration control, when really the management of these structure and component borne vibrations is crucial. It is only with the right audio support, providing optimal conditions for your audio equipemnt, that you can realize the full potential of your equipment.

The R33 reference audio support rack is a modular frame of precision machined sections of polyoxymethylene and carbon fibre, optimized for the control and management of both equipment and structure borne vibrations.

Each 20mm F1 shaped acrylic shelf is supported by four ultra high performance truncated cones that further reduce the transference of energy between shelves by absorbing vibrations and dissipating them into a bespoke compound of finely tuned solids, revealing a new level to your musical experience.

Once braced to the floor by the four fully adjustable cones, the R33 reference audio support rack can be expanded by adding further tiers and regardless of the final configuration, there will always be maximum space to access cables and all the system equipment.

Whilst never compromising on beauty, the R33 reference audio support rack has been designed for exceptional vibration and resonance suppression.

The R33 reference rack falls outside of our 21 days return policy, but if you have a serious interest in hearing what comprehensive vibration control can do for your system, then email sales@oriton.co.uk

Technical Specification

Standard colours: Black or White, if you require something special, then please do talk to us.

Overall tier width: 590mm  ( 23″) approx
Overall tier depth: 343mm  (13.50″) approx

Shelf Width: 480mm  ( 19″) approx (equipment carrying size)
Shelf Depth: 410mm   ( 16″) approx (equipment carrying size)

Extension sizes:

152mm  (6″)  accommodate equipment with an overall height of 3.50″ –  89 mm approx
203mm (8″)  accommodate equipment with an overall height of 5.50″ –  140 mm approx
254mm (10″) accommodate equipment with an overall height of 7.50″ –  190 mm approx

Shelf Thickness: 20mm (0.8″) approx

Tier bearing weight: 60 lbs (27 Kg ) approx.

Tier frame weight:  1 kg  approx.

Tier boxed shipping weight:  7 kgs approx.