PUC 40 • Audio Isolation Support

Extensively engineered to combate resonances created by listening and viewing equipment, microphonic reduction.


Transform your musical experience

Most listening and viewing equipment whether valve or solid state resides on a rack or shelf, with the majority containing transformers or some kind of spinning device.

The outcome is that most equipment creates noise by their very design, and anything that we can do to reduce the influence vibrations play upon our viewing and listening experience is good.

The PUC 40 Audio Support is an anti resonate device, designed to be used in a wide range of applications thoughout the signal chain.

It has been extensively engineered to combate resonances created by listening and viewing equipment, by directing vibrations away from sensitive circuitry and transducers and absorbing them into a compound of finely tuned solids where they are dissipated.

So which ever way you apply the PUC 40, whether through the use of the conical inversion in the top to support your rack or speaker stands, or by placing them under your turntable, cd player, tuner etc, they help reduce the effects that vibrations play upon our listening experience, for seldom have stock feet been designed to reduce vibrations.

Try a set of PUC 40 Audio Supports in your system under our 21 days return policy, you may be suprised how little you know.

Technical Specification

Standard Colour: Black

Optional Colours: Red, White and Blue

Overall Width: 40mm approx

Overall height: 23mm approx

Net Weight: 36 grams approx

Bearing weight: 20 kg (44.10 lbs) each