PUC 25 • Audio Support Feet

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Experience the potential of your equipment.

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Todays modern music sources whether Mac’s or compact PC’s, Streamers, Ipad, etc, have become the sources of choice for many a music listener, yet, they like their alternatives are still being influenced by resonances that effect our listening pleasure by linking to the music we so dearly enjoy.

Infact it’s not just the music source that can benefit from a reduced intrusion of resonance, most of the replay equipment chains potential can be better realised by supporting the equipment on racks and supports, that have been extensively engineered to correctly extract  the intrusion of resonance using a mixture of carefully selected materials.

The P25 PUC audio support feet fill that criteria.

Measuring 23mm high they fit neatly under most components, from streamer to stand mount speaker, and offer 75% of the performance of the larger PUC 40,  They are for the listener wishing to realise the potential of their equipment by reducing the intrusion that resonance plays upon our listening experience.

Placement is all important, and a with little experimentation will lead to finding the optimum positions for performance, at which point the PUC 25 will reward you with a presentation of natural and unforced sound, vocals sounding more organic, bass has more drive, while treble is better controlled offering extra clarity.

The PUC 25 Audio Support feet • Extract more, Discover more, and Experience the potential of your equipment, from streamer to stand mount speaker.


Try a set of P25 PUC’s in your system under our 21 days, no questions return policy, we are sure you will agree.


We reserve the right to alter/amend materials and design as part of our ongoing research.

Technical Specification

Standard Colour: Black

Optional Colours: Red, White and Blue

Overall Width: 25mm approx

Overall Height: 23mm approx

Net Weight: 19 grams approx

Bearing weight: 10kg (22.05 lbs) each