Hunter Green • RCA Analogue Interconnect

The latest in our line up of RCA Interconnects, a true reflection of our continual in-house design and development, along with our bespoke technology.

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Crystal Clear Sonic Waters

Along our road of discovery and learning, and in conjuction with our in-house development processes, we are able to specify and produce a series of bespoke musical inter-connects that perform admirably regardless of their accompanying components

The Hunter Green interconnect, reaches new heights as a result of our continual research into material synergy. This top end high performing inter-connect takes our machining techniques and material implementation a step up to generate higher levels of coherence throughout the frequency spectrum. The top end is well extended giving a controlled grain free character which will not fatigue, the lower mid is detailed and tight, and the upper bass displays drive and enthusiasm.

Key Benefits:

  • Flexible
  • Bespoke design
  • Produced completely in-house
  • High quality materials: PTFE, Silicone
  • Extremely musical with astounding bandwidth
  • Proprietary vibration suppression material
  • Re-engineered in-house RCA connectors.

Read the review on the Audiophile Man web site, then experienence a pair for 21 days under our no question returns policy, your system, your surroundings.

 You may be surprised by how little you know.

NOTE. We reserve the right to alter/amend materials and design as part of our ongoing research.

Technical Specification

Standard length: 1 metre.

Weight: 100 grams

Custom lengths available to special order.