Diamond Red II • RCA Interconnects

"the huge explosion of bass came out of nowhere and was pretty awesome, it just clicked"

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Magical and Transparent

The Diamond Red is the second in our range of RCA analogue interconnects. When reviewed by Hi-Fi Pig they where praised for their magical top end for having both air and transparency, further positive included a huge sound stage and a fantastic bass which where both bouncy and musical.

But there was criticism of the original design in that the lower mids where a little bit loose, dynamics where gentle and the upper frequencies where smooth.  Well we took all this on board and since that review have radially reworked the Diamond Red Audio RCA interconnect to a level way beyond it’s original brief as part of our continual development and research.

We still use the same signal conductors, the same locking phono connectors but what we don’t have is the same performance.

Some things just get better.

Our 21 day, no questions returns policy, gives you the opportunity to experience the outstanding performance of the Diamond Red RCA Analogue Interconnects in your system, in your surroundings.

You may be surprised by how little you know.

NOTE. We reserve the right to alter/amend materials and design as part of our ongoing research.

Technical Specification

Standard length: 1 metre.

Weight: 100 grams

Custom lengths available to special order.