Black Racer II • RCA Interconnects

unravels notes with a pleasing precision, gentle yet firm. Differences between average and high fades, leaving the music to arrive credible, timely and engaging.

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Truly Credible

Vibration reduction, at the forefront of all our designs.

The Black Racer • is our entry level yet high performing RCA analogue interconnects, they have seen their performance reach new heights as we continually refine and radically rework our range of interconnects to give an even purer signal. The often criticised lack of detail is now replaced with a more open yet restrained medium.

The Black Racer will, with complex and difficult songs offer a balanced reproduction of sound with a touch of velvet, while at ease expressing its musicality far beyond the speakers both horizontally and vertically. A Hi-End audio RCA analogue interconnect that performs regardless of the accompanying equipment, giving long hours of listening without listening fatique.

Our 21 day, no questions returns policy, gives you the opportunity to experience the incredible performance of the Black Racer RCA Analogue Interconnect in your system, in your surroundings.

You may be surprised by how little you know.

NOTE. We reserve the right to alter/amend materials and design as part of our ongoing research.

Technical Specification

Standard length: 1 metre .

Weight:  100 grams

Custom lengths available to special order.