Black Bullets • MK III

The Black Bullets made a good case for themselves, when reviewed by both Paul Rigby of Hi-Fi World and Alan Sircom of Hi-Fi Plus.
They reduce the influence vibrations play upon our listening pleasure and work well in both analogue and digital circuits.

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Component Induced Vibrations

Praised for their performance in controlling the transference of Component Induced Vibrations, and in line with our continual research and development, the MK III advances their performance to a whole new level. The following extracts show that despite some peoples opinions on things that hang from the end of cables, that, just maybe, there is something positive happening.

Paul Rigby – June 2012 issue of Hi-Fi World – Not just designed for digital

The Black Bullets make a good case for themselves when used on vinyl, as Paul Rigby’s review in Hi-Fi World June 2012 pointed out “delivery on the June Christy album (The School Girl) sounded more feminine and smoother but also exhibited greater nuance, with both piano and drums having more room to move”

Alan Sircom – February 2013 issue of Hi-Fi Plus

“The effect isn’t a poweful one, but it helps delineate the attack of individual notes, making them sound less indistint (and often less peaky if the recording is compressed) and that makes the upper part of the midband just a bit more open in the process”

Let us not forget, the music we so enjoy carries with it noise created from within the devices. This noise along with the music is being transfered from component to component through the connection made by the interconnect, so anything we can do to reduce the transference of noise has to be good

Black Bullets Mk III, reducing the transference of Component Induced Vibrations.

Try a pair of BB’s in your system under our 21 days return policy, we are sure you will agree.

We reserve the right to alter/amend materials and design as part of our ongoing research.

Technical Specification

Overall Width: 9/16″ – 14mm approx Overall Length: 2-3/4″ – 67mm approx

Weight: 54 grams approx