The Napier • Audio Mains Power Cord

Unlock your system.


Bringing you closer to the heart of the performance.

Power cords play an important role in any upgrade, and what we have learnt from our experiences is that dirty AC and improper cable routing can obscure some the great benefits provided by vibration reduction, so before you journey down the equipment upgrade route, try a quality mains lead in your system.

Forget about other peoples perceptions or persuasions, let your EARS be the judge.

Totally convinced that spending a sensible amount on properly designed power distribution is important, we developed The Napier audio mains power cord. The design uses key geometries based around our bespoke compound and comes at a price that will transform both sound and vision, portraying a clearly defined elevation in both natural dynamics and timbre.

There are those that would argue that one metre of wire hung between wall socket and component cannot have an effect upon an electrical supply that has already travelled several hundreds of kilometres, well that’s a bit like saying a water filter should not work, but they do.

The Napier audio mains power cord will dramatically clean up grain and sheen, areas which people will not consider an issue in their system, but will become apparent once the Napier mains power cable is connected.

The effects are not slight,

  • Vocals are beautifully conveyed, bringing you closer to the heart of the performance.
  • Orchestral music is natural with space around each instrument.
  • Midrange is beautifully expressed.
  • Bass is fluid, tuneful and explosive

Our 21 day, no questions returns policy, gives you the opportunity to experience the performance of the Napier Mains Power Cord in your system, in your home.

You may be surprised by how little you know.

Technical Specification

Standard length:  1.00 metre.

Custom lengths available.