R33 • Modular Reference Audio Support Rack

with Clarity comes Appreciation.

Black Bullet • MK III

Black Bullets • MK III

Reducing Component Induced Vibrations

SC35 - Audio Coupling

SC35 • Audio Isolation Support Cone

Audiophile Engineering

Symphony Orange • RCA • Interconnect

Symphony Orange • RCA Analogue Interconnects

Bespoke in sound and style

Diamond Red RCA Interconnect

Diamond Red • RCA Analogue Interconnects

Magical and Transparent

Black Racer analogue Interconnect

Black Racer • RCA Analogue Interconnects

Truly credible, timely and engaging.

PUC 40

PUC 40 • Audio Isolation Support Feet

Transform your musical experience,

PUC 25

PUC 25 • Audio Isolation Support Feet

Realise the potential

Napier Power Cord

The Napier • Audio Mains Power Cord

Bringing you closer to the heart of the performance.

Your path, your Soundscape

Our Objective:  To explore, develop and design audio products using new ideas and technologies, audio products of unparallelled quality that help reduce and control resonances throughout the listening and viewing chain.

Our Path:  As Thomas A Edison wrote “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” we to experienced many ways for it not to work.

The Result:  A better understanding of material synergy and manufacturing techniques has resulted in products of definitive musical accuracy. Designed, manufactured and assembled, proudly by hand, with uncompromised quality, in the United Kingdom.

You may ask, why go to all that trouble to design resonance reduction devices? when a large proportion of audio enthusiasts I suspect, would greet the idea of vibrations/resonances effecting their musical pleasure with “that won’t work, what’s the point, I can’t see them so why should I bother”.

Well … sound as it emanates from it’s source, takes with it Component Induced Vibrations (CIV), present in chassis and frames, produced by the vibratory actions of moving and non moving parts. The influence these vibrations are having upon our sound is real, even if there is no scientific explanation.

So before embarking upon the upgrade path, set aside time to explore products that reduce and control resonance, for they will reveal new levels of performance, performance just waiting to be discovered.

Remember and accept that there is no tool more wonderful, or more potent for garnering information, than open ears, and an open mind.

Please use the information on this web site as the building blocks for your decisions.